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One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is "How can I book my session if I don't know when my baby will arrive?" and for expectant parents that don't ask the question, it can be really difficult to book them in if they do wait until baby arrives.

How does it work?

Once we know your due date, we allocate a few potential sessions in the weeks surrounding this date as we know your baby will arrive at some point during these few weeks. You can contact us as soon as you have had your 12 week scan and we block out some sessions for you in our flexible diary.

This means that we don't over-book our studio schedule and we can guarantee that you don't miss those unique first few days. This also means, of course, that we tend to fill our diary quite far in advance and won't be able to guarantee you a session if you contact us AFTER your baby has arrived - our availability is often limited.

Once your baby arrives, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can book your actual session but you can "reserve" your actual session well in advance.

To find out more visit www.newbornloveoffer.co.uk

Black background Newborn Photography

Sip with Me.png

When families come to visit us, they already know about our photography style and that we offer natural, timeless photography.

Upon arrival at the studio, whilst we make the first of many cups of tea or coffee, we invite parents to look at our gallery and talk to us about what they are hoping for from their session.

They are often drawn to the dramatic black and white photographs that show off the details of their babies feet and hands.

Sweet Feet

This lighting set up means that all of those gorgeous details of the feet are captured. We always include hands so we ask to make sure you are prepared with neat, clean nails. We have various options to include mum or dads hands, both parents together and even we can include a sibling too!

Little hands

Little fingers clasped around daddy or mummy's thumb show just how tiny your new arrival is. 

Simba or Tulip pose

This is one of our most requested images, and a firm favourite of those new daddies out there. 

There are so many possibilities when using a black background and the high contrast black and white suits these images perfectly.


If you would like classic, natural portraits of your newest family member, please get in touch.


Who Are we? Newborn Photography Studio - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

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Who are we?

If you are from Hatfield or the surrounding areas, you may have come across us in your search for a newborn photographer. Who are we and how can we help you?

About Us

The Newborn Love team is made up of myself, Sara Tomlin a Newborn Photography Specialist and my partner Lee Rushby who is also a professional wedding photographer. We work together when photographing newborns as we take safety very seriously. Lee is always close by whilst my hands are on the camera.

I come from a background in Early Childhood education as a teacher for over 18 years. Lee has a background in IT so together we make a very good team!

What do we do?

Whilst my specialism is Newborn Photography for babies up to 14 days, we do offer a range of other services including:

  • Sitter Sessions - for babies that can sit independently

  • 1 year cake smashes

  • Simple studio - dramatic portraits with one light and a black background

  • Location sessions - outdoor ‘lifestyle’ family sessions

  • Mini-Session - lavender fields, Spring Blossom, Autumn Shoots

  • Engagement/Couples portraits

  • Wedding and Post Wedding Shoots

  • Fashion inspired styled shoots

  • Make-over portraits

  • Corporate headshots

  • Branding images

What happens during a session?

Our communication begins long before you get to the studio and we expertly guide you through each part of the process.

Before your visit to our studio, you will receive a guide giving you advice about how best to prepare for your session. There are a few little tips that can certainly help things go smoothly but this doesn’t always go according to plan - that’s fine too.

Upon your arrival you will have the opportunity to look at our gallery area and show us which style of picture and poses you like because Art is a very personal thing. We can’t guarantee every pose as all babies are different and their comfort and safety is the most important but we will certainly get a nice variety of images.

Whilst you are in the studio, you will be well looked after with tea, coffee and freshly baked cookies and will be actively encouraged to sit back and relax whilst you watch us make beautiful artwork of your new baby.

You will be able to view your images around 1 week later in an emotional slideshow - it’s a really special thing to see your baby on the large screen.

Art products

We work with some of the best local printers and suppliers to provide you with quality artwork that will last a lifetime. We offer Wall Canvases, Digital Packages, Print Boxes, Albums and Framed prints.

We are proud of the service we offer our clients and love nothing more that delivering beautiful artwork of their new family member.

Newborn Photography - new parent concerns


Newborn Photography - New parents biggest concerns


As a newborn photographer, I talk to so many expectant parents, some who are months away from their due date. I have come to realise that there are some common fears that prevent families from booking a Newborn Photography session. This post is designed to talk you through those reasons in the hope that it might ease your mind about booking a newborn photography session.

My baby hasn’t arrived yet. Why should I book already?

The first and most obvious reason that prevents families booking in advance is that they just want to make sure baby arrives safely before committing to something. This is something I totally understand and it is natural for expectant parents to have anxiety about this. As a studio we do take bookings from people that have just had their first scan. We know due dates are not always reliable so most newborn photographers will operate a ‘flexible diary.’ This means their capacity to take bookings can be limited and waiting until your baby arrives could lead to disappointment as there may not be availability. Out our studio we prefer to photography babies up to 14 days old so it is likely we would not have availability should you wait before enquiring.

I don’t think I will be able to leave the house so soon after giving birth!

 Our comfortable studio awaits you

Our comfortable studio awaits you

It’s true, you will have no idea how your body is going to feel after you have given birth, whether naturally or by C-Section. This is one of the most common reasons I find that families decide not to book a session.

Because I am aware of this, everything I do from the ease of communication before the session to your time in our studio is designed to enable you to feel, comfortable, relaxed and looked after. We know you will be anxious, we know you will be tired, we know that you need a friendly face to welcome you and a pamper. The clients that visit us always comment upon how relaxed and well-looked after they felt at our studio.

Most families that visit us are leaving the house for the first time since they came home from the hospital and it is lovely to see the look of relief and triumph on their faces as they successfully make their appointment on time.

It is hard to imagine how you will feel in these early days but one thing we can guarantee is that we will look after you and your new baby. You won’t have to do a thing.

Will my baby be safe?

It can feel very odd to hand your new precious bundle over to a complete stranger and have them placed into some of the classic newborn poses. Our studio is set up so that you can see exactly what is happening at all times. All good newborn photographers should have had some kind of training in working safely with newborns so don’t be afraid to ask.

 For safety, we use an assistant 'spotter' who is always close-by for when my hands are on the camera.

For safety, we use an assistant 'spotter' who is always close-by for when my hands are on the camera.

In our studio, we keep the temperature nice and toasty so that your baby is comfortable and we work with an assist ‘spotter’ - someone who is always close to your baby whilst my hands are on my camera. Some shots that we do are composites so that your baby can be safely supported in order to achieve the desired effect in post processing.



I don’t want to spend much, it’s expensive enough at this time!

This is a very common objection to hiring a professional photographer as it is often viewed as a non-essential spend at a time when nappies, baby grows and wipes are certainly very essential. But after those dirty nappies and teeny clothes are long forgotten it is beautiful portraiture that will allow you to remember that unique and special time. In that sense, your artwork will only increase in value as your baby grows and changes. It is an investment in your family memories. Once that newborn phase has passed you can never get that time back again. All of the families that visit us express they don’t regret purchasing artwork of their baby and many of them still have their pictures hanging on the wall many years later. Similarly, we often hear people expressing regret at not having commemorated this time with a photography session. Ultimately, our experience is a very bespoke one meaning you decide what you want to purchase after the session when you come back for the viewing. We don’t believe in creating packages where you pay upfront for photos you haven’t even seen yet and you have full control over your artwork choices.

One thing we know with certainty in the years we have been helping families to create amazing memories… The only ones that regret it are the ones that don't do it.

To find out more and check our availability, please fill in our contact form.

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 Time flies, capture your family as art

Time flies, capture your family as art