Newborn Checklist - Did you book your photographer?

As your pregnancy progresses and you get closer to your due date there are essential things you will need to prepare to ensure you are ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. In fact the Internet is full of checklists that you can download to point you in the right direction. Here is an example from Mother and Baby

So you've thought about names, designed the nursery, bought the car seat, stroller, cot, nappies, wipes and all the other bits and pieces that you will need in the first few weeks.



You may have your birth plan in place, packed your hospital bag, planned the route to the hospital and organised your baby shower. You are feeling super organised and ready! But have you considered and already booked your photographer? 

May parents overlook what they consider to be this small detail. There are so many photographers to choose from right? You can just book one once baby has arrived.



What a lot of new parents don't realise is that in order to create those delicious portraits with baby all curly and sleepy, this is ideally achieved within the first 10 days after their birth. That's not to say you wouldn't get amazing portraits after that time frame but there are reasons why many newborn photographers book your session in this window of time.

Many newborn photographers have a flexible diary where they are already pre-booking portraits sessions around your expected due date. Many photographers may even limit the amount of bookings they take to allow for such flexibility. As we know, baby often doesn't make an appearance when expected so this means that your photographer can juggle their sessions to accommodate you within these first 10 days. In fact, I insist on being on your list of birth announcement calls when you are still in hospital so that I can arrange your session for you.

If you are only just starting to think about booking a photographer once baby has arrived and you are back at home, you risk being disappointed or missing out on owning gorgeous artwork of your newborn when they were at their smallest.

Each photographer is different but there are reasons I prefer to offer portrait sessions in the first 10 days

Hatfield Newborn Photographer Baby Feet
  • Baby is usually (and I say usually as every baby is different) sleepy and more likely to stay asleep during their session. That means we can create some of those yummy, dreamy images that are so popular and your baby is likely to be blissfully unaware as they sleep deeply through their session - it's tiring work being a model!
  • Mum and Dad are usually at home together in the first few days which means you can have portraits altogether as a new family before one or both have to return to work. I believe it is really important for baby to see what Mum and Dad looked like when they were first born
  • Baby's skin is usually clearer in these early days. Milk spots and flaky skin start to develop soon after this time
  • Your baby will never be this tiny again. You would likely regret not capturing some professional photos of your little one when they could literally fit in the palm of your hand. It won't be long before you forget that this was even possible!

So whilst you are busy planning all of the obvious essentials in preparation for your new arrival, please do not overlook the importance of booking your newborn photographer whilst you are still pregnant. We don't like having to turn new parents away because we don't have space in our diaries because we want to help you capture this unique and magical time.

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