Preparing for your newborn shoot

The first few days of motherhood pass by in a blur. You are elated, tired, happy, overwhelmed - pretty much experiencing a full spectrum of emotions. It is during these first few days that many families may choose to have a photo shoot to document this wonderful time.

You can take beautiful photographs of your baby at any time during the first year, however, the first 11 days are perfect for capturing those timeless, curly, sleepy poses. Your baby will never be this tiny again and will change and grow everyday so this is the ideal time to create unique art work of your baby.

During a new born session, it is possibly the first opportunity you will have to relax and put your feet up! In my experience of photographing newborns there are a few helpful tips I have learnt that will help to make the session as smooth and calm as possible.

1) Allow up to 3 hours for your session, the first hour may well be spent nursing and settling your baby. Once they are in a very deep sleep, they will be able to be placed in a variety of poses without waking or startling them.

2) Moisturise - as we know baby skin is often blotchy or flaky and whilst this can often be addressed in post-processing of images, it helps if the skin is well hydrated.

3) Remove nappy and clothing up to 30 mins before the session, this prevents marks on the skin or waking your baby to undress them. Bring a snug blanket to keep them warm.

4) Bring any special toys, blankets or heirlooms if you would like them in the photographs.

5) Be prepared to be in the photos yourself. A simple black or white T-Shirt/vest top will keep the images clean and timeless. 

6) Relax - you may feel very anxious and feel like things are taking a long time but don't worry. That is why we allow 3 hours so that we can make sure your baby is comfortable, relaxed and safe. 

We recommend booking your session after your first scan and we can schedule in a session around your due date. Your baby really will change so rapidly and soon you will not be able to hold them in the palms of your hands. Celebrate your family and create beautiful memories that you can treasure forever.