Top 5 tips for dressing your child for an outdoor photo shoot

Often I get asked about how to prepare children for photo shoots. After the initial contact, I always send a detailed information sheet with suggested ideas. I also link to a Pinterest Board to give parents inspiration and further ideas. 

Your choice of clothes can really make a difference to the overall quality of your images so make sure you plan and prepare your outfits in advance.

Here are my top 5 tips:

#1 - Keep it classic and timeless You will have these images forever so really think about the clothes you will dress your child in before the shoot. Passing trends and fashions tend to look dated in a few years time. Keep it simple, keep it neutral and your images will look timeless.

#2 - Avoid slogans ad logos There is nothing more distracting that a novelty message written on the front of a T-shirt. You eye will likely be drawn to that before anything else.

#3 - Dress for the weather  With location photography you often have to accept we are at the mercy of the weather. A rainy day doesn't mean that the shoot should be cancelled, it just means we can add a different dimension to the shoot. "There is no such thing as the wrong kind of weather, only the wrong type of clothing."

#4 - Comfort First You may love the idea of putting your child in that gorgeous outfit that granny bought but if it is too fussy or uncomfortable, your child will not be able to relax and be themselves. This will be evident in the photographs.

#5 - Consider the location A splash of colour can go a long way to enhance a photo so think about the location you are visitingIf you are going to be doing a shoot in lavendar, consider hints of purple or blue in the clothes. If it is and Autumn shoot, consider hints of orange/red/brown.