Top Autumn Fun for Kids

Autumn is my favourite season but it won't be long before the leaves disappear and Winter sets in. Here is a list of recommended activities to do with your little one before Autumn has gone

Autumn colours

1) Go on a colour hunt - Colour some spots on a white paper bag and ask your child to find something natural that matches that colour

2) Play with leaves - Make a big pile, jump in it, roll in it, cover your body and jump out again pretending to be the leaf monster

3) Go on a nature treasure hunt - make a list of things you will try to find before you go e.g 3 conkers, 4 yellow leaves, 1 red leaf etc

4) Make a nature mobile - Use collected sticks and hang all of the treasures your little one found on their Autumn walk

5) Take pictures - Give your child a digital camera to take their own photos. This will offer a unique insight into what catches their eye

6) Have a bonfire and toast marshmallows - because... why not?

Enjoy this beautiful time while it lasts :)