Location Photo Sessions

When Urbairns was first formed, the concept was very much about taking photographs on location in Urban settings. Although I have also ventured into studio work and newborn photography, I still love the opportunity to be outdoors with families as I find the photos to be very natural and 'in-the-moment.'

With Spring in full swing, it is the time of year when we start to spend more time outside enjoying the feel of sun on our skin after a gloomy Winter. We traditionally do a Spring clean and perhaps throw out those possessions that we have been meaning to. It is a time for new growth and new beginnings which makes it the perfect time to update family portraits.

Why a location photo session?

Not only is is good for our health to be outdoors but it is place where children can have fun and behave in a natural way. If they are happy to stop and give the occasional pose - great! If not, we can still capture some lovely shots of your child doing what they do best... PLAYING! Also, it takes the pressure off of you if you are going to have family portraits as you can relax too.


                                                                                   Which locations are the best?

We can pretty much use any location for our photo sessions but there are a few considerations:

  • Time of day - mostly due to the available natural light. Sunny days aren't always the best as they create contrasting shadows. In this case it is a good idea to choose a location that has lots of open shade available. Also, certain locations can get busy at certain times of the day which means that you may get a lot of other people in the background of your photos. I find sessions that take place earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to yield the most beautiful light
  • Details - in order to add variety to your shots, it is good to choose a location that has a variety of options - e.g grassy areas, flowers, trees, interesting textures on walls and fences
  • Ideas for where: back garden, local neighbourhood, parks, open spaces, beach, forest, woods, commons, lavender fields, sunflower fields, blossom trees, farms, urban areas. The list is endless. For inspiration click here

Best clothes to wear

Whilst this can depend on the weather, in order to create timeless images, I suggest a fairy neutral pallette for clothes. I have plenty of ideas on my pinterest boards if you need inspiration. Remember these photos will last a life-time so it is definitely worth the effort of dressing appropriately.

Styling tips for girls

Styling tips for boys

Colour choices

What to expect from an Urbairns Location Session

We are a full service studio meaning that from your first contact to delivery of your art work, I will be the person that you are in communication with the whole way.

Our service includes:

  • Pre-session phone consultation. Once you have made your enquiry I will call you to talk about what you would like from your session and the type of art work you may be planning to purchase. We can choose a location and talk about preparing for your session
  • You will receive a welcome pack that will outline what was discussed in our first phone call and further details about what to expect on the day
  • 1 - 1.5 hour location photo shoot allowing a relaxed pace and plenty of stops for drinks and snacks
  • An in-house private cinema viewing of your images at my home studio
  • Guidance when choosing the right product for you to display your family art
  • Final delivery of your art work