Why I love natural light photography

As I went for a morning walk this morning, I was tempted to leave my phone behind because it is always glued to my hand whilst I am busy managing my social media platforms and business from it. However, a quick glance out of the kitchen window revealed a beautiful morning so I thought I'd better take my phone just in case. Rather than taking a brisk walk for exercise, I found myself totally distracted by the splendour of the morning light. Constantly off route and climbing gates that I perhaps should not have been climbing, I took picture after picture. During winter I love how the sun hangs low in the sky, creating long shadows. The colour of the light in the morning, before the sun gets stronger is stunning and it interacts with nature in a way that, I feel, flash cannot. The sparkling drops of dew on the tops of grass blades, the slight mist in the air, the glow of red berries in the branches... It quite simply took my breath away.

As a natural light portrait photographer I need to maximise my opportunities to find the perfect light and I am always searching for it. When I am walking, sat in a meeting, teaching, driving I am constantly looking and imagining how I could use that light in one of my photos. It is not always easy of course. Perhaps the bonus of flash is that it is constant and you can recreate the same affect again and again. However that is the challenge of using natural light. Is it just never quite the same colour, intensity from shot to shot. It is unique and it is beautiful.  (All images unfiltered/unedited from phone.)