10 things you didn't know about your newborn photographer - Lee

I work alongside Sara in our newborn Photography studio. Here are 10 things you didn't know about me...

#1 I am a wedding photographer

Although most of you will have come across me in the capacity of a newborn photographer, I am actually also a wedding photographer.  I love documenting amazing times in my clients lives. We are really excited that for the first time, we will have the honour of photographing the new arrival of some lovely wedding clients we worked with in June.


#2 I have lived in Iraq and Afghanistan

I spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq where I assisted with IT support for a company working with the military. Those that know me know that I am a heavy sleeper - in fact, I managed to sleep through rocket attacks on base whilst I was there!


#3 I am a qualified kitesurfing instructor

I travelled to the Dominican Republic with the intention of staying 6 months but ended up staying for 2 years during which time I became a qualified kitesurfing instructor. This was in fact one of the mutual interests that brought Sara and I together back in our dating years!


#4 I have an unhealthy obsession with camera bags

Open every cupboard in my office and a camera bag will probably fall out. I always joke I have more camera bags than Sara has handbags. I like to have a bag for every occasion and never know how much equipment I may or may not need!

#5 I cook a mean Sunday roast

I challenge anyone to a roast dinner duel, my roast potatoes are legendary. I really enjoy cooking in general but I particularly love a good roast!

#6 I am passionate about what I do

It's such a special thing to be able to capture memories and different mile stones in peoples lives. It is my mission to give our clients the creative images and quality they deserve and constantly strive to produce stunning images for them to enjoy forever.

#7 I like cars and driving

I have VERY strong opinions about other road users. Enough said really.

#8 I am the Viking Baby Whisperer

I am not your typical baby photographer and certainly not what you will expect to see when you arrive at our studio. I am big, beardy and have a deep voice. I am fast earning the reputation of being ‘The Viking Baby Whisperer.’

#9 I love movies

My favourite film EVER is Back to the Future and I can pretty much recite the whole film! 

#10 I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for charity

In 2013, I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for TriLife - a charity run by a close friend of mine. It was an incredible experience and I enjoyed documenting everything on my camera.

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