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Have you considered what you will do with your images once you have them in your home?

As a young photographer, I was very much immersed in the use of film and still recall the nervous excitement of waiting a few days before going to collect your prints and either being really happy or really disappointed with the results. As I continued to study photography, I made a darkroom in my home where I processed my own film and prints (all black and white of course!) There was something magical about watching the image appear before your eyes and the washing line of dripping prints that makes me a little sad about the instant nature of digital photography today. With film there was only one chance to get it right and with digital you can have multiple attempts.

Even now when I visit my parents and grandparents we occasionally get out the old suit case filled with photos and family memories dating back nearly 100 years. There is really nothing like the musty smell and the feel of the photograph in your hands that you know has been held by generations of your family and will continue to be passed from generation to generation.

Compare this to the folder of CD's that I have with 12 years worth of travel photos that I no longer have a CD drive to view them on. They are just sat on a shelf. I never printed them though I was convinced I would, all those memories reduced to etchings on a disk.

At Newborn Love, we offer a range of formats to enjoy your artwork on.

Wall Art

Before you come back to view your gallery, we strongly recommend having a walk around your house and considering where you might display your images. Remember, this will be on your walls forever and every time you walk past it, you will remember the feeling you had when you saw the image for the first time and feel amazed at just how tiny your baby once was. 


An album is a beautiful way to show your images. This is your first family heirloom. We often heard it said that people think an album will just get left on a shelf and rarely looked at. However, an album will be enjoyed for generations of your family with precious lasting memories. 


Our digital packages are presented in a USB case and are prepped ready for you to reproduce images up to 8x10. We recommended backing up your images to another format such as The Cloud.


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