How will you remember?

How will you choose to enjoy your images in 10/20/50 years time?

This is an interesting time in the photography industry. We are truly in a digital age and we most commonly get asked, "Can I just have the digitals?" 

Of course, people want the images to be able to share with friends and families and make copies at their leisure. But life gets busy... often we just don't get around to it. A wise photographer named Sue Bryce once said "We are not a digital generation, we are a NOW generation" and she is right. The instant nature of digital photography makes us impatient to wait, far from the days when we used to take the film into the shop and had to wait a few days until you could enjoy the photographs.

Lee and I are just as guilty. We had some stunning photographs taken of us in August. We have the digital files sat on our computers. Have we printed them? No. Have we talked about getting round to printing them? Sure. Do we ever browse through them? No...and yet here we are in December with bare walls in our house and still no memories of ours printed on the walls.

One of the few personal pictures we have in the house is one of me and my late Nan. She passed at 102 years old and was an incredible lady. I walk past this photograph every morning as I come down the stairs and I see her smiling face each day.

Just that one moment of seeing her and I can instantly remember so much about her. They way she smiled and cracked jokes, her ageing hands, her happiness when I sprung a surprise visit on her, the sound of her voice. I remember all of that in an instant because the photo is there to remind me. It evokes so much more emotion than swiping through my phone trying to find a particular image.

How many image formats have come useless already?

Floppy Disks?




How long before USB's and eternal hard drives are replaced by "the cloud?" And you know what still lasts and never changes or never becomes useless...? A photo, proudly displayed on the wall.

We are bringing print back to our studio in 2019 as we truly believe you should enjoy your images in this format first.

When you come back to view, you will first enjoy an emotional slideshow of your images. You will then see all of your images mounted in cream surrounds so you can truly appreciate your stunning images in print. Don't worry, we will include the digitals for you but it is print packages that will be available from 2019




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