Is Newborn Photography safe?

As Newborn Photographers, Lee and I are never content to stay in one place and we constantly invest in training to ensure that not only can we offer our clients a first rate experience with high quality imagery but that we are constantly reviewing safety procedures.

As we are not parents and neither of us had been around many newborns before we started newborn photography, it was essential for us that we were appropriately trained as there was no way we were willing to risk the safety of someones brand new baby. 

My first venture into Newborn Photography was with Pink Lily Photorgraphy who excels at working with natural light and in a very natural way with newborns. This was a great way to start as the babies were unposed, just captured naturally in their home. This helped us to learn a lot about lighting and composition without the need to place baby into specific poses.


Above: In the early days

I then started to become interested in the more posed images and decided to invest in training with Tobias Robins over a peroid of 18 months.  I had the opportunity to work alongside him in his studio, first assisting and then gradually moving on to leading the session under his watchful eye. It is during this time I learnt about how to move and pose babies safely and signs to look out for that require immediate action. We started following this system in our Hatfield studio and whilst we were happy with our standard of safety, we weren't satisfied with the artistic quality of the images and poses. We felt that our clients deserved higher quality images.


We started using a few props and working from a studio in 2017

It is then that we invested in some 1:1 mentoring days with Russ Jackson someone who is at the top of his game and whom we admire greatly. I felt a bit star-struck in his company if I'm honest. Russ taught us about using wraps safely and creatively as well as adding more contrast with our lighting. We intend to work more with Russ every year as we feel he has helped us move to the place we want to be with our images.


After working with Russ, are images are more where we want them to be for our clients.

Kelly Brown also is probably one of the leading newborn photographers in the world and we subscribe to her online training videos where she breaks each pose down and talks about safety at every step.

Aside from this we are currently in the process of becoming a Licentiate of the Master Photographer Association which will include an actual accreditation stating that we have safe practice in regard to newborn photography.

We take our role seriously. We do not want to damage our reputation by putting any baby in danger due to negligence. It is VITAL that you check the training that your photographer has had. They have have nothing at all. Who would you rather hand your most precious thing over to?


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