Newborn Photography Training

The Newborn Photography industry is currently unregulated. That means that anyone with a camera, who can take a decent picture is able to take your most precious new arrival and create pictures for you. That also means that someone with no knowledge of Newborn safely can claim to be a newborn photographer.

At Newborn Love, we take our responsibility very seriously and we have invested thousands into training with some of the leading specialists in the UK to ensure that we know how to conduct a safe newborn photography session.

If you are currently searching for a newborn photographer, it may be a mistake to go with the cheapest option, your primary concern should be the safety of your new baby. It is likely that have not invested money into training, possibly are not insured or members of photography associations.

At Newborn Love, we can offer the following assurances to our clients:

Paediatric Certification - This qualification is updated every 2 - 3 years 

Up-to-date DBS

Newborn Training with Aspire Photography working alongside Pink Lily Photography to learn about lifestyle newborn photography

Newborn Art Academy -  intensive training with Tobias Robins, one of the leading newborn photographers in the UK. This is an 18 month program covering aspects of posing and newborn safety.

Russ Jackson Academy - Russ is one of the leading newborn photographers in Europe. We have attended a full day workshop and will continue with a 1:1 mentoring day this October 2018

Kelly Brown - Little Pieces Photography  - Online posing videos that highlight safe posing and studio set up

Members of Banpas - The Baby and Newborn Photography Association. We receive regular updates in the newborn photography world as well as information about safe posing

Niki Torres - Souls imagined Beginnings - Regular training videos in safe posing and wrapping

How else do we keep your baby safe?

We want to create beautiful images that you can treasure for a life time. We are most concerned about the comfort and safety of your baby. Creating timeless artwork of your little one can be a slow process as we work with your baby to ensure they are comfortable. We don't guarantee to get any particular poses as we will not force your baby into a pose they are clearly not comfortable with. Instead we work with your little one to create a set of images that you will love.

Our studio is kept warm as we prefer to photograph babies undressed. Babies are used to being in mums womb which is around 36 degrees. Newborns have difficulty regulating their body temperature so it is vital that they do not get cold in our studio. We have a thermometer and carefully monitor the temperature to make sure it doesn't dip too low or get too high. It will feel VERY warm to you but your baby will love it.

When posing your baby, we are mindful of checking that their circulation is OK. If they are resting awkwardly on a foot or hand, we will adjust the pose as necessary otherwise we risk limbs turning blue!

Toilet accidents happen frequently when the nappy is off. We will not leave your baby resting on wet or soiled blankets. They will be cleaned and blankets changed before placing them down again - even if this means they wake up whilst being cleaned.

We use wireless camera equipment to avoid creating tripping hazards. We keep the working floor area as clear as possible for your safety and ours.

During our shoots I always work with an assistant who sits very close to your baby at all times. Even a baby that looks fast asleep can suddenly startle and an extra pair of hands close by means that they won't go far when my hands are on  the camera.

We sometimes wrap babies but know that we need to ensure that they are comfortable and not too constricted. Some of our training has included sections on wrapping newborns in different ways.

Some shots that we do are composites and we edit out supporting hands for the final image. We would never put your baby at risk and expect them to hold complex poses unaided.

Deciding to invest in Newborn Photography is an important decision. If you are alarmed at the prices some newborn photographers are charging, it is likely because they believe in doing their job safely so that they can give you a relaxing a memorable experience.


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