Our Newborn Photography Experience

In Hertfordshire, there are so many talented newborn photographers. It can seem like a competitive market where you w...

How will you remember?

How will you choose to enjoy your images in 10/20/50 years time? This is an interesting time in the photography indus...

The Viking Baby Whisperer

This is an interview with Lee, one half of the newborn Love team, affectionately known as The Viking baby Whisperer. ...

Baby Whispering Tips

When you come to visit us, we find the session goes smoothly when your baby is really sleepy. Usually, a nice full be...

Not sure if a Newborn Photography Session is for you?

If you are having a baby, no doubt you will have come across the idea of having photographs taken of your newborn. Th...

When to book your newborn photographer

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is "How can I book my session if I don't know when my baby wi...
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