The Viking Baby Whisperer

This is an interview with Lee, one half of the newborn Love team, affectionately known as The Viking baby Whisperer.


Why are you called The Viking Baby Whisperer?

We have a running joke that when babies come to visit, Lee's babies are usually zonked out for the entire session where as Sara's can need a little more soothing. Both scenarios are of course fine but I like to wind Sara up about it. She came up with the name 'The Viking Baby Whisperer' because I am big and beardy and seem to have a knack with babies.

What do you enjoy about Newborn Photography?

I like newborn photography because it couldn't be more different to weddings, which is what I usually do. At a wedding the day is fast paced and you one get one chance to get the shot. With newborns we work at baby's pace which means it is more relaxed and you have multiple opportunities to get a variety of images. It is also lovely seeing the emotion of parents when they see their images for the first time.

What would you say to a parent worried about coming to a studio session?

We understand their concerns about leaving the house is so soon but I would assure them that whilst they are here, they are in good hands and will be well looked after.

What are your hopes for the future?

We really want to have our own studio and make this a full time venture. We are working on it!

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