Top 5 tips for photographing your newborn at home

Once your long awaited new arrival finally makes an appearance, it is natural that you will want to take photographs to capture all of those memories. Whether you decide to visit a newborn photographer or not, here are my top tips for taking photos of your newborn at home.


Turn off that flash! Newborn photographers often use large diffusion panels over their flash making the light softer. A flash on a phone is so harsh. The best way to light your image is to put you baby near to a large window with a net curtain to diffuse the light. Avoid up-lighting baby. Instead place them at a 45 degree angle so the light washes over their face beautifully.


It is very easy to forget about the small details and so many baby mats are brightly coloured or have patterns on them. This is distracting as you want baby to be the star of the image. For a classic and timeless look, a bed with white bedding would look gorgeous. Also take a look what is in the background of the photo - any mess or clutter will take the focus away from your gorgeous baby.


It is a good idea to keep the room warm and free from drafts, particularly if baby is undressed.


Leave the creative work to the professionals. It might be tempting to put baby in a bucket or basket but safety must always be a priority. Also consider how baby will feel looking at these kind of images when they are 20. Will they be asking "Why on earth did you do that?!?!?"


If baby is sleeping, experiment with different angles and perspectives. Remember if you are taking an image from directly above your baby, you could do serious damage if you drop your camera or phone on them. Either wear a strap (on your camera) or avoid holding the phone directly above them.


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