What is a Model Call and is it for me?

You may have come across 'Model Calls' before but not really know what they are for or what is involved.

This blog post will help you understand the top 5 reasons that photographers might do a model call.


#1 A new photographer looking to build a portfolio

When a photographer first starts out, they need images to be able to advertise their services. New photographers will often do model calls to gain experience and collect their first set of images for their marketing. As far as Newborn Photography goes, this should be the type of model call you should be most wary of. You need to ensure that the photographer can talk about their background and training to date. Newborn Photography is a very specialist area and you need to feel comfortable that your baby is safe.

#2 To update images in a portfolio

Even the most experienced photographers like to refresh their portfolio every once in a while so may hold a model call for that purpose. It shows potential clients their most up-to-date body of work.

#3 To enter a print competition

Many photographers enter their art work into competitions so that they can collect awards for their work.  A model call for this purpose might just focus on 1 or 2 poses with the soul aim of perfecting composition and posing to be able to submit their work for review.

#4 For Training and Mentoring Purposes

Well established photographers often offer to train other photographers in their art.  Usually the experienced photographer will lead the session and pose the baby and the student will take the photographs.

#5 To apply new techniques/props

Photography equipment evolves, techniques change. Model Calls are an excellent way of trying new camera or lighting equipment, new backdrop blankets or props etc. Photographers will try these techniques before offering them to their paying clients.

Model Calls at Newborn Love

As photographers, we rely on the use of our images for self-promotion.

At Newborn Love, we occasionally offer model calls, mostly to refresh our portfolio or to try new techniques/props. We will soon be leading some training and mentoring sessions too. We are changing the structure of our model calls (see below)

The images taken at any of our model calls will be used for marketing and promotion of the business. They may appear on our website, social media accounts, marketing materials and you would be asked to sign a Model Release form if you wish to attend a model call.

The Process

We advertise model calls on our Facebook Page when we have availability for them and you will be directed to a page where you can register your interest. We will then be in touch to explain the process if you due date/baby's age are appropriate for our available date. You should read the Terms and Conditions carefully before contacting us about model calls.

We require a refundable booking deposit of £30 before you attend your session. 

Why do we take a booking deposit for a free shoot?

We are proud of the experience we offer our clients so a lot goes in to setting up the studio to welcome you and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. When you agree to a date for your model call, we block it from our calendar meaning that we will not offer it to a potential client. A booking deposit is a two way guarantee. For you that your appointment is reserved and for us that you will attend. It is refundable when you come for your session. (full explanation in Terms and Conditions)

After the Model Call

Around 1 week later, you will be given access to an online gallery of around 20 images and you will be invited to select 5 images as a thank you for your time. You will receive the digital files via We Transfer and you will be able to print them up to 8x10 inches.

Can I purchase more images?

You are always welcome to purchase additional images and this is subject to our standard Price List. However, you are under no obligation to do so. 

Our Artwork prices start from £49 - £895 and entry level digital packages start at £395 for 5 images. (All prices are non-negotiable.)

If you feel that this sounds right for you, please get in touch to find out more.


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