How we create your timeless artwork

The first week of your baby’s life is unique, magical and a life changing time. As Hertfordshire's newborn photography specialists, we know how quickly your baby will change. You only get one chance to capture your baby as they are right now, and once it’s gone you can never get that time back

Your lives will become a bit of a blur as you adjust to the fun of becoming new parents and although you won’t notice it,  day by day your baby will change so much and over the next 10 days, and that special ‘newborn’ look will disappear.

We would love to help you make sure that these special newborn memories are not lost in a haze of nappies, feeding and tiredness and are excited to be beginning a creative journey with you and your baby. Don’t miss out, to capture these memories and treasure your newborn as Art you have to ACT NOW as we can only get these images from babies under 10 days old (the ideal time is 7 days).

From the moment you contact us until we hand over your art products to you, you can expect an excellent experience with plenty of personalised touches and frequent communication to keep you updated. We want to ensure that this is a once in a lifetime experience, not just a photo shoot.

We look forward to meeting you at our Hatfield newborn studio soon and creating some artistic, timeless images of your new arrival.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book?

It’s best to book when you’re still pregnant. We can then schedule a time around your due date or planned c-section that we can easily move dependent on your baby’s arrival. I'm limited to the number of sessions that take place so as soon as you decide you’d like us to capture some unique Newborn artwork for you then please contact us and we’ll get you scheduled in the diary.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

Babies are best photographed under 10 days old (we prefer 7 days). This may be changed if your baby is early/premature.

Where do the sessions take place?

Most sessions take place at the weekends in our professional studio, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. 

How long do they take?

We allow 3-4 hours and it's a very relaxing experience. Some parents have even been known to catch forty winks.

How should I prepare?

When you reserve your date we’ll send you all the information you need on how to get the best out of your session. We’ll also have a friendly chat on the phone (or you’re welcome to visit the studio) about everything you’ll need.

When do I see the images?

We arrange a viewing appointment usually within 7 days after the studio session.

Can you photograph parents with new babies?

Yes, we encourage it, but it’s not compulsory. We can discuss the different options with you after you purchase your voucher.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Don’t worry! We’re very patient - all babies will eventually sleep. We’re newborn specialists and experts at baby soothing, so please don't worry.

What if my baby is a bit jaundiced, or has flaky skin?

No problem...we will be able to enhance any images to make them perfect (including skin colouring, baby milk spots, dry skin, etc.)

What products do you sell?

We have a huge range of products including, Wall Art (Canvas art wraps, gallery and gift frames etc), printable images with Copyright on USB, albums and other print options. Prices range from £395 to £895. After your studio session we’ll walk you through our gallery and explain in detail all the different options. You’ll also get a product and price list to take away and look through before your viewing.

Do I need to bring props and baskets?

We have a few props but generally our style is very natural and timeless.

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